NASA 25hr 2010 – 1:21pm update

Scott started the race, things were going good, 1:55s laptimes untill around noon the passenger rear wheel fell off in turn 6. Wheel studs broke off, the crew changed out the axle, and sent him back out at 12:30pm. The exhaust tip also fell off the car, scott is out there still until we get another exhaust tip.

New Drivers Schedule:
Time Driver
11:00 AM Scott M.
2:30 PM John G.
4:30 PM Dave R.
6:30 PM Scott M.
8:30 PM John G.
10:30 PM Dave R.
12:30 AM Dave S.
2:30 AM Scott M.
4:30 AM John G.
6:30 AM Dave R.
8:30 AM Dave S.
10:30 AM Scott M.