NASA 25hr 2010 – Team and drivers schedule

Ed Boothman’s FFR#85 will be campained again in the 2010 NASA 25hr race. I’m hoping for a good showing this year as the car has been race prepped extensively this year at NHMS attending a total of 5 test/tunes.

Drivers lineup this year:
Ed Boothman
John George
Scott McKay
Dave Riha
Jim Schenck
Dave Standridge

Crew Chief:
Andy Cole

Car Chief:
Mark Dougherty

Chief Fueler:
Brandon Dougherty

Bridget Kay
James Bondurant
Dan Pellow
Dave Borden
Billy Saunders

Driver Schedule for the 25hr:

Time                Stint              Drivers

11:00:00 AM         2:30               Scott
1:30:00 PM          2:30               Jim
4:00:00 PM          2:30               Dave R.
6:30:00 PM          2:30               John
9:00:00 PM          2:30               Scott
11:30:00 PM         2:30               Dave S.
2:00:00 AM          2:30               Jim
4:30:00 AM          2:30               Scott
7:00:00 AM          2:30               John
9:30:00 AM          1:30               Scott
11:00:00 AM         1:00               Ed