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2012 Incar video from Team Boothman Racing FFR#85

Incar videos from Team Boothman Racing FFR#85:

Test/Tune Fiat 500 flipping in front of me
Test/Tune Friday Fastlap of the weekend 1:51.4

Dave Royce Stint 1.1
Dave Royce Stint 1.2
Dave Royce Stint 1.3

Dave Riha Stint 1.1
Dave Riha Stint 1.2
Dave Riha Stint 1.3
Dave Riha Stint 1.4

John George Stint 1 – engine fails

2012 Drivers Schedule

Driver’s rotation schedule for Saturday Dec 8 – Sunday Dec 9. Qualifying = John George

11-1:05pm Scott McKay
1:05-3:10pm Dave Royce
3:10-5:15pm Dave Riha
5:15-7:20pm John George
7:20-9:25pm Scott McKay
9:25-11:30pm Dave Royce
11:30-1:35am Dave Riha
1:35-3:40am John George
3:40-5:45am Scott McKay
5:45-7:50am Dave Royce
7:50-9:55am Dave Riha
9:55-11am John George
11am-noon Ed Boothman (maybe)